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Book Cover: Going Underground Book Cover: Wolves Book Cover: Glow Worms Book Cover: The Eye of the Grizzly Book Cover: How Does a Waterfall Become Electricity? Book Cover: Whirlwind Book Cover: Tale of the Scorpion

How to Order Books and Science Kits

You should be able to find or order my books at most local booksellers.

If you would like to order class sets, please contact me directly
for discount information.

My books are also available online through Amazon.

Or, if you prefer, you can contact the publishers directly.

Capstone Press: 800-747-4992

Delta Education: 800-258-1302

Educators Publishing Service: 800-225-5750

Evan Moor: 800-777-4362

Heinemann: 800-225-5800

Heyday Publishing: 510-549-3564

Highsmith: 800-694-5827

FalconGuides- The Globe Pequot Press:  888-249-7586

Pearson Australia:

Perfection Learning: 800-831-4190

Science Kits and Boreal Labs: 800-828-7777

Templar Publishing:

Thompson-Rigby/Harcourt: 800-225-5425 or 800-531-5015

Ward's Science: 800-962-2660 or email

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