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School Talks and Presentations

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     One of the great aspects of writing books for children, is that I get to visit schools and share my stories in person.

My presentations run the gamut of 1st through 8th grade, as well as giving talks to educators and parents.  I am an enthusiastic storyteller and would be delighted to present at your school.  Many of my talks revolve around weather, caving, storm chasing, dinosaur digs, animal encounters, and other outdoor adventure and science related topics.  My newly released national parks series, weather, and/or the writing process itself are some of my most frequently requested presentations.

I also give specialized, hands-on writing and weather workshops for smaller groups and GATE classes.

My background includes:

  • Upper grade elementary school and GATE teacher for 10 years
  • Author of more than 90 books for teachers and children
  • Development of science kits for elementary and middle school classes
  • Weathercaster, off-and-on, for 25 years at different stations
  • Consultant for The Weather Channel
  • Instructor for Child Development and Education Departments at California State University, Chico, CA

Topics for multi-class or single-class presentations at your school:

There are several different presentations that I can offer your school. Each is tailored to fit desired grade levels. Schools can also mix and match presentations to best suit their individual school needs.

  • National Park Tours:  Take a tour with full color photos, stories, park information, animal sightings, vacation planning, and drama of each of these national parks:  Sequoia and Kings Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Grand Teton, Glacier, Zion and Bryce Canyon, Arches and Canyonlands, Acadia, Great Smoky Mountains, Olympic, Rocky Mountain, and Badlands/Mt. Rushmore.  Each "tour" will be about an hour long and will leave the audience wanting to head immediately to that national park!
  • National Park Adventures and Realistic Fiction:  This is my most requested presentation.  Schools get a combination of national park drama and storytelling, national park background information from key parks, and realistic fiction writing tips and techniques.  This one hour assembly is best suited for 2nd grade and up, but adjustments can easily be made for lower grades.  This also fits well with my Adventures with the Parkers series of books.
  • New! Take a Tour of the State with the Most National Parks in the Country,  California!:  From Yosemite to Death Valley, the Redwoods, Lassen, and Pinnacles, this presentation will share scenery, wildlife, history, and preservation of all 9 of our beautiful national parks.  This topic is also, highly aligned with California 4th grade curriculum.  It makes for a great 30 minute Zoom/Skype!  This is a brand new presentation!
  • New! Birding! Based on the book, My Awesome Field Guide to North American Birds:  In this presentation I will share stories about some of the birds I've encountered while hiking and exploring national parks and other areas. In addition, students will learn how to identify birds, learn some common North American birds, and about their habitat, diet, flight patterns, and more. This is a brand new presentation!
  • The World’s Best Places: I will give you and your students a tour of some of the most unique, special, historical and fascinating places our world has to offer. Many of these locations are designated as the “World’s Best Places” by UNESCO: United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. What are some of the places that your students will learn about? The Great Wall of China, Africa’s Wildlife National Parks, The pyramids of Egypt and Mexico, European Castles and Churches, Stonehenge, the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, New Zealand’s Rainforest National Parks, The Dead Sea, the Olympiad and its ruins and much more. This is a great presentation for 5th grade and up—for students learning social studies, science and much more!
  • All About Weather:  This one hour presentation teaches all about severe weather, storm chasing, weather safety, and basic meteorology.  During this talk, I will also read sections from some of my books on weather and tell stories from my weathercasting and storm chasing past.  This topic is best for 2nd grade and up.
  • Writing Workshop: This 60-75 minute workshop is for smaller groups and follows my National Park Adventures and Realistic Fiction presentation.  During this workshop I give further advice on writing and promote and guide students to begin writing their own stories by giving feedback along the way.  In these presentations I teach students to write the beginning, middle, and end of a story, encompassing such techniques as foreshadowing, character development, setting descriptions, building suspense, and editing, among others. This topic works well for GATE/TAG students and grades 4th and up.
  • Non-Fiction Writing Workshop: In this workshop students will be guided through the Non-Fiction Writing Process.  Topics included are how to research and write for a particular subject.  Students will learn how to put text into their own writer's voice and how to design and set-up an informational, yet attention grabbing book.  Further, the presentation will cover the use of photos and illustrations, maps and diagrams, page-by-page set up, and getting writing to a particular grade level.  The editing process will also be included.  In the end students will learn how to take a topic and write about it from start to finish, whether as a paper or to make the topic into a book.
  • Weather Workshop: Following my weather assembly, students will make cloud charts illustrating the four basic types of clouds and the weather each brings. Students will also learn about other cloud types and gets some basic tips on a weather broadcast. This presentation is for smaller groups and GATE/TAG classes from 4th grade and up.
  • S.T.E.M. Science: I will present to you and your students a 75 minute STEM Science lesson.  The lesson can be geared toward 3rd through 6th grades.  I'll cover background information about a STEM concept related to a lesson.  Then I'll let the students work on the project.  Finally, we'll wrap-up, demonstrate, and give feedback. This STEM workshop is geared for one class at a time.
  • Mini Tour of the National Parks(for K-1st grade classes only). In this presentation I will take younger students on a mini tour of some of our best national parks. With a slideshow presentation, I will share pictures and teach what makes the parks unique and awesome to visit. This presentation takes about 30 minutes.
  • Author-In Residence Writing Seminar: For 5th grade and up, these seminars can be one to two weeks in length. Please inquire for details.
  • Virtual Presentations: Topics can also be given virtually.

Rates for School Talks and Presentations:

Professional Fees:

Professional fees vary based upon your schools needs and location.

Quite often schools within the same geographic location will work together to share the cost of travel expenses and receive a discount for multiple assemblies.

In most cases I am able to work out fees that will fit within your school's budget.

Contact me at for more information.

Week-long workshop fees are based upon individual school needs.

Travel Expenses:
Travel expenses vary depending on location.

Payment is due the day of presentation.

Book orders are part of my time at your school.  Your teachers and students will want to order books. There are several ways of coordinating this around my visit to your school.  Please inquire at the time of booking your event.

Skype (on-line) presentations are available.  Please contact me for more information.


    "Part storyteller, part weatherman, all teacher, holding the audience in the palm of his hand, Mike Graf spins tales of adventure, suspense, and appreciation of our earth's natural resources to classes.  Mr. Graf's one of the best author/speakers Pyrtle Elementary's ever had, managing the crowd by giving anticipatory sets, switching back and forth from real life peril to the beauty of our national park system, pacing back and forth as he clicks through his beautiful PowerPoint slides describing his mode of choice, realistic fiction with protagonists, and how he crafts his characters into personalities the reader will care about.  At one point, talking about his characters and the geographical research he does for his books he was talking about looking for scorpions. We all leaned forward, just a little, until we all jumped back as he found it! Over 350 students sat on the library floor and listened with rapt concentration for a solid forty-five minutes with another fifteen minutes of questions and answers at the end. His knowledge is great.  His attention to detail is amazing. His gift of alternating between his fictional stories, classroom management, and detailing the national treasures of our national parks is masterful.  It's evident he knows what he is talking about and loves what he does.
I first came in contact with Mike Graf when he was honored as one of the nationally recognized authors presenting at Plum Creek Literacy Festival.  I attended his teacher workshop that Saturday and immediately bought Tail of the Scorpion, the Grand Canyon, ten copies, because I planned on using it with my "gifted and talented" students.  All students want to read them, and do.  His attention to detail, panoramic photography, camera shots of flora and fauna, maps, and diagrams (rock layers) in the book creates multiple layers of meaning as the book tells its narrative story.  Mr. Graf even incorporates Ferde Grofe's music at the beginning as the Parkers drive toward the park with The Grand Canyon Suite.  It's a great way to start it for the class, too, playing the Grand Canyon Suite and having them draw what they see.  I've bought many multiple copies of Mike Graf's books.  I love the fact that they are all strong in science and weather.  I will be buying many more!  I most highly recommend both Mike Graf's books AND Mr. Graf as a phenomenal speaker." - Beverly Hoistad, Nebraska Writing Project Co-Director, Nebraska Warrior Writers Project Director, Grade 2- Lincoln Public Schools, Lincoln, NE

Writing Workshops Review

     "Education plus inspiration...does it get any better than that?  Wielding the full weight of being a widely published author, Mr. Graf commanded attention and instructed students quite specifically in the craft of writing.  Budding authors began skillfully writing and revising on the spot, incorporating his tips for creating engaging characters, building empathy, and walking the line between harsh realism and sugar-coating in order to achieve a compelling plot.  Mr. Graf wove fascinating personal adventures throughout his presentation and gifted students with honest feedback as he invited them, inspired them, to share their work.  Despite the large crowd, our writing session felt intimate...a testament to Mr. Graf's knack for being a natural, masterful teacher." - Julie Pitra, Fourth Grade PATS Teacher, Butterworth Elementary School, Moline, IL

Author Presentation Reviews  

     "I wanted to let you know that I'm amazed with the impression you left on my son.  I work for East Bay Regional Park District and my job is to get people excited and connected to nature.  My son came in the kitchen this morning to tell me all about National Parks and how he wants to plan a road trip. It made my day seeing him talk about salamanders and how he wants to go to Smoky Mountains. I asked how he found out about these places and he said you gave an assembly. As an interpreter myself I wish I could have seen your presentation.  You must have done a fantastic job because you've sparked an interest in my 7 year old. I passed your info over to a colleague who's wife works for National Park Service.  I want NPS to know that you are a GREAT ambassador for the great outdoors." - Rachel Pulizzi, Krey Elementary School Parent, Brentwood, CA

     "Faculty, administration, parents and students were astounded at Mr. Graf’s ability to captivate audiences from preschool to 12th grade with his riveting tales of his adventures in our country’s national parks. Hearing about his experiences writing his novels inspired by the parks while viewing his colorful slideshow was such a treat. His realistic fiction writing workshop was well-planned, effectively structured, and very useful for our middle school students who participated. All who attended Mr. Graf’s presentations and workshop were impressed. We look forward to the possibility of bringing him back to our school next year." - Jennifer Nails, The Dr. Miriam & Sheldon G. Adelson Educational Campus, Las Vegas, NV

     "We just had a fabulous author visit our school for Literacy Day and I wanted to pass his name on to all elementary schools in our district. His name is Mike Graf and he writes an adventure series about a family who visits national parks. He researches for his books in national parks all over the country. He also has written several non-fiction books on national parks and on weather. In addition to being a published author, Mike was a 4th and 5th grade teacher for 10 years, has been a weatherman, and teaches classes for teachers on the creative writing process.
     The assemblies were excellent, informative and engaging to all students and staff. He was professional, had excellent classroom and assembly management skills and really got the 4th graders motivated to write. It was one of the best author visits we have ever had. Please consider him for your students…he was truly amazing!"
— Danett Mustard, National Board Certified Teacher, 4th Grade, Mullenix Ridge Elementary

     "I would like to thank you for the presentation you provided to our students at Fairmont Elementary Charter School. I've been a classroom teacher at Fairmont since 1989, and in my opinion yours was one of the best assemblies we've had in years. I noticed that all of the students, my sixth graders included, were engaged and enthusiastic during the presentation. They seemed to really love learning about America's Great National Parks and witnessing nature's beauty as you shared your photos, stories, and experiences. The audience seemed to ooh and ah in all the right spots. I felt like you challenged them to get out and explore America's natural beauty for themselves, and you made their future adventures seem accessible. Further, we appreciated it when you described the process you go through to write one of your adventure books. My students relate to using technology in their personal writing, so explaining how you use a tape recorder to gather information was very helpful. My class will begin reading about the Parkers with their adventure in Grand Canyon National Park. Once again, thank you for coming to Fairmont and for interacting in such a positive way with so many of our students." - Christopher Cooper, Sixth Grade Teacher, Fairmont Elementary Charter School, Vacaville, CA

     "I always talk to my 4th and 5th grade Library classes when I see them the week after the Children's Literature Festival, to get their reactions to the authors that they spent time with.  All of the classes that were fortunate enough to spend time with you have had many, many wonderful things to say!  They thought you were "funny" and they really LOVED hearing about all of your adventures and information that you shared with them about the National Parks!  I have heard the bear cub story several times now! You were a BIG HIT!!! Thank you so much for coming to our Festival! Becky Kruger, "Library Media Specialist",  Ray Miller Elementary School, Kirksville, Missouri and/or Truman State University Children's Literature Festival committee member

    "Mike Graf presented to our third grade class at Fairview Elementary School in Orland. It was so inspiring to our students and so wonderfully presented with a beautiful PowerPoint presentation. After hearing  about Mike's real life experiences and fascinating adventures, I wanted to go rock climbing and hiking that weekend. Actually, the rock climbing I'd be too scared to do, but the hiking down the Grand Canyon and seeing the scorpions would be right up my alley. I loved how Mike explained so much about what a writer goes through and how one thinks. Thank you, Mike for keeping it real and showing us the beauty that is right outside our doors in our National Parks."  Simone Hobbs, 3rd grade teacher, Orland, CA

    "I was so impressed by Mike's natural ability to perform and engage with the whole audience. The kids in attendance of Mike's presentation left visibly excited about the kinds of adventures that could await them at national parks. Other authors and speakers might try other angles to help kids connect with nature: beauty, or history, or fun facts. But clearly, for kids of this age, a sense of adventure and excitement is key--and Mike really portrayed that in his assembly with the students!"  —Molly Woodward, editor, Heyday Books

June 2015
To Whom It May Concern,
It gives me great pleasure to write a recommendation for Mike Graf from a personal standpoint as well as professional. Please let this serve as both character and professional reference. I have known Mike for approximately 12 years when I first hired him to give an author presentation to our 6th grade students. I often like to preview my authors first so I would know how they interact with children, but didn’t have the chance in this case. To say he was/is phenomenal is an understatement! Prior to the visit we spoke several times; he is very engaging and methodical in the planning of his visits. I knew what to expect as far as his content went in the presentation, but sometimes that only looks good on paper or in planning. Mike exceeded all expectations and what had been a planned one time visit has turned in to two annual visits for the past 11 years and includes a two week writing workshop with my 6th grade students. His previous teaching experience is evident. He commands attention, yet has a soft demeanor and mix of great vocabulary and questions to keep the kids attention. His use of transitioning from one topic or assignment is impeccable. The students thrive on freedom of writing and asking questions, and Mike makes it structured enough where they can still do that without getting sidetracked. Their end products are short, quality books. It is fun to see our high
school students meander in our library and interact with Mike. They always say “I remember when…” which means he truly made an impact and a positive lasting impression! From a personal standpoint, he is top notch! He is friendly and caring; genuine in friendship. We share stories of our children and adventures in parenting. Mike likes to be structured and in the know on how the visits will go, but leaves plenty of time for a dinner to catch up chatting or brainstorming new adventures for books. Mike will truly be an asset to any company, school or group who wishes to hire him. - Melanie S. Bowline, Library Media Specialist, Faith Lutheran Middle & High School, Las Vegas, NV

   "Mike Graf gave his National Parks Presentation at an assembly for 2nd to 6th graders at our school last year.  I have never seen such an engaged student body, as Mike captivated us with stories from his National Park books.  From his books, we were introduced to the Parker Family, the fictitious main characters in these otherwise non-fiction adventures taking place in our nation's national parks.  I heard from many that it was the best assembly we had ever had -- and I completely agree.  I later read his book Glacier National Park: Going to the Sun, during our read-aloud time, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  It made us all want to read more and to plan a trip to a National Park soon!"  - Ruth Hintz, 3rd Grade Teacher, C. Roy Carmichael School, Portola, CA

    "Mike Graf held students on the edge of their seats during his exciting and educational presentation.  His story-telling skills highlighted his love of nature and illustrated the stories behind the books that he has written about the national parks.  He shared personal experiences that had contributed ideas for his stories.  He inspired students to write their own stories by outlining his own writing practices and giving them a vision of how to endear characters to the reader.  Our students benefited greatly, both in reading and writing, from his time at our school." - Pamela White, Librarian, School of the Osage, Lake Ozark, MO

     " It was absolutely GREAT having Mike Graf at our school!  He is an excellent speaker and can weave a great story!  The kids at our school were K-8th grade and they were all intrigued and glued to their seats for that whole hour that he spoke!  He had them in the palm of his hand." - Karen Worley, Teacher, Mineral Elementary School, Mineral, CA

     "If you are interested in inviting an author to your school, you should invite Mike Graf!  Lincoln Elementary School in Yuba City, CA has been hosting an Author Day for nearly two decades and the response to Mike Graf's visit was by far the most enthusiastic, well-received, and positive feedback we have had in all that time.  Mike captivated our students and staff during his presentations with his own amazing experiences and how he incorporates those into his books.  After the assemblies with Mike, I kid you not, our students were begging us to write.  That is a true testament to the power of Mike's presentations!  We pre-sold 100 books and then sold out of the books Mike brought with him and had to take orders from the many students still wanting to purchase a book.  During the selling and autographing of the books Mike gave each child his attention and you could tell by their faces and comments that this Author Day was one that was going to be a life-long memory for them.  Choose Mike Graf!  You will be beyond pleased that you did!" - Nancy Teague, Third Grade Teacher, Lincoln Elementary School, Yuba City, CA

     "Two diverse schools in Redlands, CA were captivated by a visit from Mike Graf!  Mr. Graf mesmerized his audiences which ranged in age from kindergarten through 5th grade by transporting them to Yellowstone, Yosemite and the Grand Canyon National Parks through his fascinating power point presentation.  Mr. Graf connected with students at all levels and backgrounds.

     Students at both schools continually show eagerness to read Mr. Graf's books to find out what happens next to the Parker family.  We all can't wait to see where Mr. Graf takes us next!"  - Tandi Liess, Mariposa Elementary School and Trista Barton, Lugonia Elementary School, Redlands, CA

     "Mike Graf is such a great presenter to students of upper elementary ages.  His presentations and his ability to keep the students engaged is outstanding.  Everyone in the audience was on the edge of their seats as they listened to him.  The content of the presentation went right along with our reading and writing curriculum and he did a fabulous job of modeling how to begin a story." - Megan Frederiksen, Fourth Grade Teacher, Garfield Elementary School, Moline, IL

     " The students and staff thoroughly enjoyed having Mike Graf come to our school.  It is not an easy task to keep the attention of 300 students, but he magically did with his presentation.  Students were excited to listen to his stories and personal experiences.  His enthusiasm for reading, writing, adventure, and national parks was contagious." - Lezlie Walters, Teacher/Librarian, Charlotte Hill Elementary School, Las Vegas, NV

     " Mike Graf's author assembly had our students enthralled from start to finish!  Our students loved to hear how his adventures in our national parks gave him authentic and  original details for his writing. From bears to scorpions, our students were hooked by his adventures and photos.  They loved to hear how his own experiences became the experiences for his fictional characters; a true treasure of knowledge for aspiring writers!" - Chris Leggett, Librarian, Lee Antonello School, Las Vegas, NV

     "Mike Graf came to our school in March of 2012.  I highly recommend his presentation as well as his national park series of books.  My  students and all of the teachers were enthralled during his entire presentation.  Mr. Graf did an assembly for more than 250 students, and he had everyone captivated.  I teach in an at-risk, low-income school.  Most of my students have not seen further than their neighborhood park.  Therefore, they look forward to the time of day when I read the Parker's series.  With his use of vivid imagery, my students are actively engaged and transformed into the unique natural wonders of the world.  His series will fuel your desire to get out there and see the natural beauties that surround you!" - Jennifer Hampton, Second Grade Teacher, Wengert Elementary School, Las Vegas, NV

     "Mike Graf's visit to Carmel River School was fantastic!  His enthusiasm and energy was contagious!  The 4th and 5th graders were engaged the entire assembly.  We all left eager to travel to these National Park wonders!" - Annie Jasper, Librarian, Carmel River School, Carmel, CA  

     "Mike Graf connected with our students and teachers as effectively as any author we've ever hosted.  Whether it was through his explanation of the distinction between realistic fiction with other kinds of fiction, or his entertaining  examples of the research he conducts to make his stories authentic, Mike's presentation hit all the right notes.  Mike's experience as an elementary teacher shows in his command of the audience and his material.  He is flexible enough to make subtle changes to his presentations for each grade level while retaining his core messages which include the writing process, story elements, and National Parks.  As a result, following a Mike Graf presentation, kindergartners have nearly as much takeaway as 5th graders.  Mike's teaching background serves him well in that he understands what students want to hear, but also appreciates what teachers want students to hear!" - David Schrag, Librarian, Northview Elementary School, Kansas City, MO

     "Mike Graf left our students breathless as he told a small piece of his story from Harrowing Ascent of Half Dome.  Our kids jumped with fright, then laughed, during a piece from Tale of the Scorpion!  Mr. Graf is a superb storyteller and can captivate an audience with his talents.  We LOVED his visit, and we LOVE his series Adventures with the Parkers."  - Barbara Brown, Librarian, Diamond Valley Elementary School, Diamond Valley, UT

     "Thank you so much for coming to our school.  The children are still talking about the assembly.  We really enjoyed it and quite frankly could have listened to you for another hour." - Michelle Hines, Principal/Teacher, First Good Shepherd Lutheran School, Las Vegas, NV

     "Mike Graf gave us a wonderful presentation.  It was very fun and, at the same time, very educational.  The day after, I received several compliments from teachers, parents, and students.  They all thought Mike was immensely entertaining.  They really enjoyed his presentation.  Many said that he was their favorite author to visit our school so far!  My own daughter has been immersed in Mike's book, "Danger in the Narrows", ever since she received it. She loves it!" - Monique Carrolle, Author Night Coordinator, Portola Hills Elementary School, Trabuco Canyon, CA  

     "Mike was amazing."  "He was the best author presentation I have ever heard."  "Mike's presentation was very well liked by all the teachers and students.  He made the assembly very exciting and his stories had connections to real life." - Heera Kulkarni and Staff, Roy Herburger Elementary School, Elk Grove, CA

     "On behalf of Bunderson Elementary and our Authors' Fair committee, we would like to thank you for coming to our school on April 29th.  It was fun to watch all of our students so actively engaged in your every word.  We loved how you taught them about realistic fiction as well as how they can use it as a new genre in their own writing.
     In particular we are most grateful to you for how you conveyed your enthusiasm for learning and writing to our students.  You showed them how essential writing can be in their lives.  It was great for our students to see such a great example of a teacher and an author.  They have been inspired to greater heights as they write stories about their lives." 
- Michele Simpson, Chair of the Young Authors' Fair, Bunderson Elementary School, Brigham City, UT

     "I have used many presenters during my 22 years in education and Mike Graf is at the top of the list.  His ideas to motivate student writing are an inspiration.  The audience was totally engaged from child to adult.  I'm going to invite him to return next year." - Debbie Burnette, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, Lammersville School District, Mountain House, CA

     "Thank you for a wonderful experience for our children.  Many teachers have complimented your excellent management and connection with students.  They really enjoyed the content of the presentation, too!  Children loved having you here."- Rebeckah Winans, Principal, Fuller Elementary School, Tempe, AZ  

     "We are reading your books and loving them.  You made a wonderful impression on our children." - Sam Glover, Literacy Specialist, Sunflower Elementary School, Gillette, WY

     "Your presentations were an awesome experience for Rozet students and staff.  You must have been an excellent teacher!  You are very effective with all of the age levels/grades."  - Tami Bishop, Literacy Specialist, Rozet Elementary School, Gillette, WY

     "Dixie students sat wide-eyed listening to adventures in realistic fiction writing by children’s author, Mike Graf, at our Annual Author Assembly sponsored by the Dixie Home and School Club, on Thursday, April 9. Graf shared and inspired our students with his experience in writing since he was a young boy in 5th grade.  Graf’s exciting action-packed stories of childhood and his recent adventures to national parks served to illustrate for our students the transformation in creative writing; turning real unusual situations into exciting fictional stories with unique protagonists.  Graf even shared his top secret ingredient for writing..." - Maya, PTA Representative, Dixie Elementary School, San Rafael, CA

     "My name is Courtney Wheeler and I am the Library Media Specialist at Nashua Elementary School in North Kansas, Missouri.  Our PTA brought Mike Graf to our school on February 18, 2009 to do author presentations for our kids.  He is one of the most fascinating authors that we have ever hosted.  His ability to pull the audience in to his presentations from Kindergarten to the oldest staff member was truly amazing.  Mr. Graf's presentations were full of interesting facts and intertwined great science knowledge with the foundations of writing realistic fiction.  The students, teachers, and parents can  not stop raving about his presentations and the impression it made on everyone that heard them.  His books have flown off the shelf and have a waiting list a mile long.  I highly recommend any school or organization to have the privilege of hosting Mike Graf."- Courtney Wheeler, Library Media Specialist, Nashua Elementary School, North Kansas, MS       

      "This is year three and building three for me having Mike Graf at one of my school's.  They are always wonderful talks.  In every building my students have been captivated by his presentations and inspired to write!  Mike truly engages the students- a rarity for my middle schools- and they love it!  I had more kids come in after Mike left just to see if they could check out some of his books!  They whined out loud when I said they wouldn't be ready until tomorrow!" - Marian McHugh, National Board Certified Teacher/Library Media, Cashman Middle School, Las Vegas, NV

    "Mike Graf was very entertaining for all ages- students and teachers!" "Our students were able to return to school and build on what's already being taught when writing stories.  They really enjoyed listening and learning from Mike Graf." - Teachers who brought 5-6 graders to the Plum Creek Children's Literacy Festival, Seward, NE

   "Thank you so much for including York in the Plum Creek Festival.  Mike Graf was an exemplary speaker.  The kids thoroughly enjoyed him." - Bonnie Moses, York Elementary School, York, NE

     "Mike Graf's assembly was one of the most enjoyable and worthwhile assemblies we have had.  He had the students engaged and attentive during that short hour.  I believe that he inspired our students to want to write more (and better) stories.  He told things the way they are and made himself more real by doing so.  Thank you!"- Debbie Houghton, 4th Grade Teacher, Hurricane Elementary School, UT       

      "Great! We have had such great feedback from students and teachers alike.  I don't think the teachers thought their students were capable of being engrossed for a stretch of time like that." - Katie Demsher, Assistant Principal, Plum Canyon Elementary School, Saugus, CA

     "We loved having you visit our school!  I have been fielding compliments about your presentation for the last two days!  The teachers, including myself enjoyed it as much as the kids did.  Thank you so much for coming!  Teachers were very impressed with how you kept the kids focused and how much they learned from you about writing.  You are a dynamic speaker.  Your talk didn't even seem like an hour." - Kathleen Gipson, Literacy Specialist, Monte Cristo Elementary, Granite Falls, WA

     "I was told by a staff member that the kids talked about you all afternoon!  It was a great morning!"  "I want to thank Marian for getting our author here this morning.  Mike Graf was just a wonderful speaker.  Our 3-5 grades were just entranced with his stories from start to finish!" - Marian McHugh, Library Media Teacher,  Paula Laub, Writing Specialist, Paradise Professional Development School, Las Vegas, NV

     "Thank you for the excellent presentation you gave to our students at Bodega Bay School.  Although the talk was aimed at 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders, you were able to engage and interest the three lower grades as well.  The teachers were very pleased with the presentation also."- Carolyn Connors, Bodega Bay Elementary School, CA

    "Thank you for your recent visit to our school...You did a remarkable job of altering your presentations so that the varying grade level presentations were age appropriate and clearly enjoyable for all.  Your teaching experience was evidenced by your ability to command and hold the attention of the students...what an outstanding presentation you gave to the students. Our best yet!" - Barbara Danowitz, Principal, St. John Eudes School, Chatsworth, CA

     "I wanted to thank you again for coming to Bilbray yesterday.  I have gotten so many positive comments today about the assemblies yesterday and the program last night.  The students and teachers think you are amazing.  I hope that you'll be able to come back to our school in the future.  Good luck to you on your next books!" - Gayle Jefferson, Literacy Specialist, Bilbray Elementary School, Las Vegas, NV

     "It was a pleasure having you in our room on Wednesday.  The students really enjoyed writing their realistic fiction stories.  I know it was intense, but I do have to say, the students stayed focused, and really enjoyed the process.  I have received nothing but positive feedback from parents and students.  It was truly an honor to have you as a guest in our class." - Miss Rodriguez, 4th Grade Teacher, Alexander Dawson School, Las Vegas, NV

     "Thank you for coming to our class.  I learned a lot about writing.  I liked to write before, but now I love it!  I learned what morbid vs. sugar-coated means now.  I think I will never forget how to make your story interesting.  Now I know that you should put an unusual situation in every story.  Now I am using dialogue in my stories.  I can't wait to finish my story.  Thank you again." - 4th Grade Student, Alexander Dawson School, Las Vegas, NV

     "Thank you very much for everything.  It was great.  My daughter, a seventh grade student, said you were the best author we have ever had.  I'd say that is quite a compliment since we have had some really great authors, and since the middle school age can be a difficult age to please, since they already know everything, lol." - Mary Larez, Librarian and parent of Mikaela Larez, 7th Grade Student, St. John Eudes School, Chatsworth, CA

     "Mike Graf is an excellent informative teacher/author.  He walked into each class a natural and with excellent skills in capturing the audiences’ attention and getting across information and telling stories.  Highly recommended!" - Paradise Valley Arizona

     "I very much enjoyed your presentations this morning at San Domenico... Your realistic fiction presentation was fabulous.  I liked all aspects of it: grammar, vocabulary, different concepts for characters, recording excursions, real life experiences. All important contributions to the story.  Very were super!" - M. Schwerin, Librarian, Brookside Upper Campus, San Anselmo, CA

     "Please tell Mr. Graf that I thought he did an excellent job at the assembly!  His talk was very informative, yet by defining vocabulary, bringing some physical objects, and using storytelling techniques he was able to connect with a young audience.  I was also very impressed with his management skills; it was a pleasure to attend an assembly where an intrinsically interesting presentation engaged the students so much that virtually none of the students grew restless or bored.  Obviously, Mr. Graf has a wealth of experience managing large numbers of students, and he was well prepared to discuss his books and the ways he gets his ideas.  I hope that he can speak with our students sometime again in the future, and I am sure that any other district would be fortunate to have him present at their school." - Lisa Doig, Rescue Union School District Lake Forest School, El Dorado Hills, CA

     "If you have Mike Graf coming to your school during Nevada Reading Week are you in for a true adventure!  Mike travels and writes about his real experiences in his Realistic Fiction Books.  Mike has written over 70 books.   His books are bursting with information. Students, parents, and teachers loved his presentations!  Hold onto your hats... " - Ruby Sandoval, Teacher and Librarian, Lummis Elementary School, Las Vegas, NV

     "Over fall break, we drove up to the Grand Canyon.  The kids really loved the book Tale of the Scorpion.  Eliana kept mentioning to me that we were going to take a day hike.  She packed up our backpacks with all the important things: water, food, a salty snack, flashlight, etc.  We even bought a black light flashlight so we could hunt for scorpions!  She reminded Mike and I to start drinking water well before our trip.  When we got to the Canyon, we started walking on the trail. Eliana started going down, down, down.  When I told her we weren't going to the bottom, she was shocked!  She was so upset!  She thought we were going to hike right to the bottom, just like in the book!  It was priceless!!  Thankfully, she was satisfied with our long hike around the rim." - Miriam Spizzirri, Parent of 4th Grade Student, Tesseract School, Phoenix, AZ

     "Mike’s presentation was terrific.  He held the students attention with experiments, hands-on cloud chart building and reading from his books." - Santa Clara, CA

    "Mike Graf was a great hit with the fifth grade teachers and students at our school.  He tailored his presentation to fit the weather/extreme nature themes the fifth grade students had been studying in class." - Tiburon, CA 

    "I found Mike Graf to be both professional and gracious when I worked with him.  He was helpful in providing information and materials.  I enjoyed his presentation and would gladly have him again." - Orland, CA

    "The kids really enjoyed Mike's lecture--in fact, the first grade teacher told me her students talked about the caves for the rest of the day. Every comment I heard was positive--from the kids and faculty alike." - Melissa Moore, Junipero Serra School, Carmel, CA

     "Mike, you were getting rave reviews all day long yesterday!  The teachers LOVED your presentation, and were so delighted to have you here that they've already asked me if we can book you for next fall to speak to next year's fifth graders!"
- Melissa Jones, Librarian, Bel Aire School, Tiburon, CA

    "The children and adults were enthralled by Mike's presentation. Mike's stories really came alive for the children. Lots of positive feedback from all who attended." - Dixie Elementary, Marin County, CA

     "Mike's presentations were engaging, exciting, and informative. Both students and teachers will remember his visit for years to come." - Anna Lane, Glenn County Office of Education

     "I can't begin to tell you what a pleasure it was to have Mike at our school. The students and staff really enjoyed the presentations. I really liked the ease of working with him." - Dorothy Garrelts-- Johnstonville School, Susanville, CA

    "I am getting rave reviews about Mike's sessions....the teachers all loved him." - Lore Silva, Librarian, Vista Grande School, San Diego, CA

     "The best author we have had come and visit." - PTA president, Gold River School, Folsom, CA

University Review

     "This is the second time I have had the pleasure of attending one of Mike's classes, and I must say, it is a delightful experience.  I find Mike to be an exemplary teacher.  He develops a wonderful rapport with his students - he is engaged and engaging which in turns creates a wonderful learning environment reflective in student engagement in the class and with the material being presented." - Chris Coughlin, CSU Chico, PhD Professor  

Student Review

     "Mr. Graf isn't just an expert in child development, by way of his enthusiasm about the subject, he is a motivator. As a mother of 12, I thought there was little left to learn about raising children. Mr. Graf's passion for creating positive outcomes for children is absolutely contagious. Prompted by all  that I learned as a student, my husband and I have renewed our commitment to provide an enriched environment for our own kids. His perspective as a father is both refreshing and invaluable. We need more male figures dedicated to our children and their future. I am so grateful for all that I learned!" - Elena Stephens, Student CDF14, Fall 2014 Butte College


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